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Chicago Cars Buyers

If you’re looking for a big loan or want to sell your car, Family Jewelry & Loan can help. We buy automobiles, taking mileage, condition, and more into consideration. All cars considered.

Sell Car in Chicago

You will need to bring in the title to the car, as we will want to know a bit about the history of the car. We will also have a team of professionals evaluate and inspect your vehicle for quality assurance. After we appraise your car, we will offer you a loan or cash offer on the spot.

You will need a current Driver’s License, and the title to the car. Additionally, in some cases we will need to keep the car in our possession if we are giving a loan out on the car, in special cases, you may be able to hold on to your car while you have a loan out on your vehicle:

Reasons you should bring in your car:

  • Collateral Loan

  • Cash Offer

  • Reliable service

  • Trustworthy Value Assessment

  • Licensed Professionals

  • Quality Assurance

We look at all makes and models of cars. We take in to account mileage, after market additions, and general working order. If you have a car in the garage you aren’t using, or don’t plan on using any time soon; why not turn it in to cash for you and your family? If you were given a company car, inherited a car, or simply have been sitting on one for way too long, come see us! We will make a same day offer on your vehicle for a loan or cash offer!

Whether it’s a classic car to a new sports car, we will look at all makes and models of vehicles. If your car is in working order, and still works perfectly, we can make you an offer today. Don’t let your unused car sit around and depreciate! Come get an offer today, just think of what you can do with all that money, instead of just having another piece of machinery taking up space in the garage. Come get your offer today!


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