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Cash Loans in Chicago

Family Jewelry and Loan offers pawn loans in Chicago. If you need cash, stop by one of our Chicago locations to apply for a short term cash loan. We offer low interest loans that give you the cash you need for some of the lowest rates in Chicago.

What is a Pawn Loan?

A pawn loan is a cash loan given against valuables like jewelry, electronics, instruments, video game consoles, and even automobiles. The amount of the loan is based on the value of the item. If you need cash, bring items of value to a Family Jewelry and Loan pawn store in Chicago, with three convenient locations in the city, and one in Wheeling.

Our team of expert appraisers will sit with you, and evaluate your items based on a specific set of parameters depending on the items. We will provide details into the value of the item, and offer you cash on the spot. Once the loan is repaid, your valuables are returned to you. It’s the easiest, most affordable loan in Chicago, brought to you by Family Jewelry and Loan.

Why Apply for a Pawn Loan?

The best part about getting a pawn loan is that you get to keep your items. Family Jewelry and Loan will hold onto your valuables throughout the course of the loan period. Once the loan plus interest is repaid, your items are returned. You walk in with your valuables, we provide an appraisal and cash offer, and you walk out with cash. You have an agreed upon period to pay off the loan, and your item is returned.

Is a Pawn Loan different from a Pay Day Loan?

Yes. Pawn loans have much lower interest rates, longer pay back periods, and the amount of the loan is determined against the valuables you pawn. Pay Day Loans have incredibly high interest rates and are usually a last resort for the person taking out the loan.

Another main difference between pawn loans / collateral loans and pay day loans is what happens if you default. For pawn loans, if you don’t pay back the loan amount, we keep the item and sell it in our showroom to recoup the amount of the loan. There is no impact to your credit and no additional consequences. Pay Day Loans continue to increase in rate and greatly impact your credit score.

What Items Can I Pawn for my Cash Loan?

Family Jewelry and Loan makes cash loans of all amounts against a wide range of valuables. From $5 to $50,000 – we offer cash loans against any merchandise, from DVDs and video games to cars and trucks. With pawn loans, you keep your items. So bring in your valuables to Family Jewelry and Loan and get cash now.

If you would like to pawn against large items, we can arrange for an on-site appraisal.

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